European Football Championship 2012 - A New Summer Fairytale?

2012 will be a year full of sporting highlights. In addition to the Olympic Games in London, the European Football Championship will take place in the Ukraine and Poland. The whole of Europe is looking forward to the big event and is curious to find out if the current European champions Spain will defend their title. Our experts share their views and predictions about the forthcoming European Championship and will bring excitement and anticipation to your event in the run up to the Championship. They will also be able to illustrate the rules for successful teamwork and motivate audiences with their inspiring presentations and discussions.

14.02.2012 Global Financial Solution

12.01.2012 Welcome 2012

22.11.2011 Future Models for a New Global Economy

18.10.2011 CSA World - The Journal for Business Leaders

23.08.2011 US debt compromise - risk for Europe ?

18.05.2011 The Future of the Middle East

25.03.2011 Michail Gorbatschov - The man who changed the world

06.02.2011 New World Record for Christian Redl

09.02.2011 Women in Economics

17.11.2010 110 years of Nobel Prizes

28.10.2010 Exklusive Interview with Mikhail Gorbachev

27.09.2010 Finance & the Economic Crisis - is the end in sight?

11.06.2010 Kick-off for the Football World Cup in South Africa

12.05.2010 Arved Fuchs – Climate Change

13.04.2010 Are we close to inflation, national bankruptcy and...

24.02.2010 Football personalities to kick off your event

23.12.2009 Trends 2010

27.11.2009 CSA Jubiläum

18.11.2009 Frank Schirrmacher – Payback

09.11.2009 15th UN climate conference in Copenhagen

01.11.2009 Nobel Prize

25.10.2009 Oliver E. Williamson was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics

15.10.2009 CSA World

07.10.2009 Richard von Weizsäcker – Der Weg zur Einheit

01.10.2009 Wolfgang Heckl an neuen Lehrstuhl der Technischen Universität

14.09.2009 How will Barack Obama change the world?

07.08.2009 Creativity and Innovation

14.07.2009 40th Anniversary of landing on the moon

23.06.2009 60 Jahre Bundesrepublik Deutschland

11.05.2009 Boardroom Solutions

23.04.2009 Edmund Phelps - Nobel Prize Winner for Economics


27.02.2009 CSA Exclusive

25.02.2009 CSA WORLD

13.01.2009 Rowan Gibson: The Innovation War Room

22.12.2008 Florian Langenscheidt Wörterbuch des Optimisten

26.11.2008 Frederic S Mishkin

29.10.2008 Experts on the Financial Crisis

22.10.2008 Prof. Otmar Issing – Leader of the Group of Experts in...

06.10.2008 Clean Growth

22.09.2008 CSA spotlights your opportunity to be inspired by our...

26.08.2008 World-class political and business speakers

08.08.2008 Author and Acclaimed Contemporary Historian

23.07.2008 Innovative marketing strategies

11.07.2008 Anti-smoking campaigns encourage smoking

25.06.2008 Are we facing regression?

21.06.2008 Jeremy Rifkin on CNN International

18.06.2008 The Dutch Oranje performes magical football

29.05.2008 Football-Experts for your Event

21.05.2008 Allan Pease in Europe!

07.05.2008 Dieter Kronzucker to recieve the Blue Panther Award

23.04.2008 Countdown to the 2008 Bejing Olympics

11.04.2008 Markus Merk – The End of an Era

25.03.2008 Countdown to The U.S. Elections

13.03.08 Franz Alt- A Sunny Outlook

18.02.08 Business in China

06.02.08 Björn Lomborg- „50 people who could save the planet“

23.01.08 Collaborative Innovation

14.01.08 Markus Merk- World Referee of the Year 2007

08.01.08 Shaun Smith exclusive at CSA Celebrity Speakers

21.12.07 CSA presents the most prestigious experts of future

21.11.07 Leadership with a Difference

05.11.07 Thomas Bubendorfer- „Starting Point Now“

17.10.07 CSA presents exclusive Speakers

09.10.07 Joschka Fischer- „The Red-Green Years“

18.09.07 Corporate Social Responsibility

04.09.07 C.K. Prahalad - Time to challenge our way of thinking

21.08.07 Strategies for tomorrow

09.08.07 Kjell Nordström- Unconventional business strategies for the future

31.07.07 Felix von Cube- The Desire for Achievement

16.07.07 Alastair Campbell- „The Blair Years“

27.06.07 Experience the Future of Marketing

19.06.07 Jeremy Rifkin- Power of the Future

23.05.07 CSA represents international leadership-experts

17.04.07 Climate Change and its Consequences

30.03.07 Joschka Fischer- 50 Years Europe

15.03.07 Ottmar Hitzfeld- Extension of Contract till 2008

15.03.07 Mark Spitz exclusive at CSA Celebrity Speakers

01.03.07 Leszek Balcerowicz exclusive at CSA Celebrity Speakers

25.02.07 Nobel Peace Prize win for Muhammad Yunus

15.02.07 Matthias Horx- Expert on Future and Trends

01.02.07 Asit Biswas- Expert on Water Management

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