Fabian Westerheide

Entrepreneur and investor for Artificial Intelligence

Fabian Westerheide

Entrepreneur and investor for Artificial Intelligence


Fabian Westerheide delivers inspiring and passionate keynote speeches on the world of Artificial Intelligence.

As an entrepreneur of the digital industry, author and investor, Fabian Westerheide is involved in over 40 companies. Furthermore, he is the organizer of the biggest Conference of Artificial Intelligence “Rise of AI”, coordinator for Artificial Intelligence at the Federal Association of German Start-Ups (Bundesverband deutscher Start-Ups) and Expert for Artificial Intelligence for the Bundestag.

In addition to several TEDx speeches and presentations at international technology conferences, Fabian Westerheide regularly talks about the status, the development and the future with Artificial Intelligence for companies like Daimler, Microsoft, Audi, Commerzbank, Telekom; Parties and foundations.

Artificial Intelligence offers opportunities and challenges for companies, education, politics and society. It affects us all and needs to be understood and discussed in time.

Fabian understands why Artificial Intelligence is (again) relevant today. He defines AI and gives a comprehensive overview of the current state of technology. Afterwards, Fabian Westerheide discusses further questions, before he finally gives an outlook on trends and developments of Artificial Intelligence.

Fabian speaks thrilling and embodies the seriousness of a person whose daily work consists of Artificial Intelligence at the same time. He sets a high pace, explains also complex contexts in a comprehensive way and encourages his listeners to reflect and think about AI as it is about to become an important element of our daily (work) life.


  • Is Germany ready for the rise of AI?
  • Strategic implications of AI for companies
  • AI as a chance for companies and foundations
  • Software is eating the world and AI is eating Software
  • The second cognitive (r)evolution
  • Artificial swarm intelligence
  • How AI is administrating our world




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