Miha Pogačnik

World Renowned Violinist, Entrepreneur & Cultural Ambassador
Miha-Pogacnik Speaker

Miha Pogačnik

World Renowned Violinist, Entrepreneur & Cultural Ambassador


Miha Pogačnik is an exceptional virtuoso, in the corporate and political world, as well as the musical stage. He is the creative force for intercul-tural and diplomatic missions, using his music as the media to channel his thought. Miha Pogačnik is a visionary in every sense. 1981 Miha founded IDRIART, the Institute of the Development of Intercultural Relations Through the Arts, based in Germany.

As cultural ambassador of Slovenia, Miha follows the dynamic principle that artists and their audiences purposefully travel throughout the world and gather in places that really need them. He has inspired over 100 multi-discipline festivals and confer-ences during 16 years, at times in crisis areas of the world: He has played in schoolyards, the Chartres Cathedral and concert halls, at the foot of the pyramids and before military tanks.

Through music and art Miha demonstrates the principles of renewal and change, transform-ing thinking patterns and remov-ing barriers which limit creativity and vision. He creates an inspi-rational platform for tackling team work and effective com-munications. He teaches execu-tives how music compositions are organised and ways to apply those principles to business. He can also demonstrate how members of an orchestra play to helps delegates experience how leaders relate to teams. Miha says “such exposure builds up almost new organs of percep-tion”. He can also arrange for a CEO to wield the baton.

Through his consummate violin artistry and his deep appreciation of the human journey, Miha is able to take his audiences through change and transformation. From corporate executive teams to schoolteachers, he creates his unique spell to extract individuals’ true awareness and capacity, implementing the powerful chemistry between creativity and business.


  • World 4.0: The power of Emo-tional Innovation for IT Leaders
  • The Titanic Syndrome
  • Creativity & Inspiration in Business
  • Teamwork & Motivation
  • Management
  • Organisational Change & Development
  • The Integration Process -Music and Business


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